Wednesday, July 4, 2018

172 people WON'T go away!

First, if you're from the U.S., I want to wish you a fun and safe Independence day!

I have a very special deal for you that is deserving of some fireworks itself.

It's a program that's been available for about four years now, but before I reveal to you what it is, and what the details are on the HUGE deal they're offering, I want to show you a mind-boggling stat!

I know they have amazing retention rates, but looking at the product statistics there are 172 people who have remained subscribed to this program, paying upto $127/m., for at least THREE YEARS!

Yes, I said three YEARS, not months, but years.​​​​​​​

Such a retention rate is unheard of!

Of course, they have many more members and haven't opened up new membership slots for a while, but I just had to share that amazing stat with you.

A big chunk of them have actually been paying monthly from the day they first opened the doors 4 years ago!

If you were willing to pay a monthly payment of up to $127, every month, for 48 months, it would have to be pretty spectacular, wouldn't it?

In the Internet Marketing space, retaining members on a monthly membership is hard enough, but to keep them for a year... even FOUR years is simply unheard of.

This fact speaks VOLUMES to the value of this program!

So what is this program that people see such amazing value in? 

It's Prosperative's private coaching/training program, "The Prosperative Membership!"
And because it's a major U.S. holiday in the U.S., and they want to help more people succeed online they've decided to offer a deeper discount than they've ever offered in the 4 years that the Prosperative Membership has existed!

Get in before Midnight this Friday, July 6th, and they'll slash 64% off of the monthly fee of $127, making it an unheard of $47/m.!

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Now that we've established that the Prosperative Membership is very valuable and popular, let me tell you WHY that is the case.

The Prosperative Membership's value is based on 3 main things:

1. The Private Forum: Where you can ask them (the experts who have generated well over 20 Million in revenue in 14 years online) anything, anytime and you're guaranteed an answer from one of them!

You will not find another program out there where you will get DIRECT access to million dollar Internet Marketers for $47/m.!

They'll answer ALL of your questions, any time you have them. They have in-depth experience in nearly all aspects of Internet Marketing and they've enjoyed success, individually for over 14 years, and together for over 5.

2. Free Access to Many of their Tools: You get free access to many of their most powerful tools, several of which would cost you nearly the same monthly cost you'll pay for the entire membership!

As a Prosperative Membership Member, you get:

+ The Best Spinner: The world's best content spinner hands down.
Normally $47 a year 

+ Article Builder: Instantly generates high quality, highly unique articles in 143 categories. Normally $197 a year 

+ Keyword Titan: The ultimate keyword and SEO analysis tool
Normally $697 dollars a year 

+ Instant Article Wizard: Automates the creation of unique and curated content in minutes. Normally $47 a year 

+ Text Suite: The ULTIMATE Content Creation and Marketing Tool! Normally $27/m. 

+ Keyword Snatcher: Generates thousands of keywords that other webmasters overlook because they only use Google's keyword tool. Worth $47 a year 

+ Instant Article Factory: Crank out high quality articles in under 5 minutes with this article writing power tool. Normally $77 a year

+ Jiffy Articles: Write 500 articles in as little as 5 minutes. Normally $127 a year

+ TONS of other products!: 

3. Exclusive, Never-Ending Discounts on:

+ NicheJet Sites (Save $50): QUALITY Websites that Make you an Authority from Day 1! These are completely done-for-you authority sites that include 100% unique content, high-quality images, premium themes and everything else!

+ NicheJet Authority Sites (Save $150): High-quality, optimized done-for-you websites in over 100+ niches! These sites are ready to profit from day one and they even get you started with a link building campaign! 

+ Instant Video Wizard (Save $700/y.): Create amazing videos with ease. With access to 485,000+ images, 115,000+ video clips, 100,000+ music tracks, all royalty free! 

+ Order a Video ($10 in free credit): Automated, quality videos! Generate a script, or write your own, then click a button for a video. You can also setup auto-posting jobs and convert blog posts into videos.

+ TubeSnooper (Save $200):Find amazing expired domains with backlinks and traffic from many different sources including Youtube, Pinterest, Wikipedia and EzineArticles.

+ discounts on nearly all new products they launch!

Now do you see why people who signup to the Prosperative Membership stick around

Those loyal members I told you about are waiting to meet you on the inside! Are you ready to join us?

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They provide everything you need to succeed online! 

From truly EXPERT coaching, to expert tools, and even community to help encourage you along the way, the Prosperative Membership has it all!

The only thing it doesn't have, is YOU - yet!

Let's change that, and let's change your financial future for the better. Just click the link below, and let's get started!

Use Coupon Code: SUCCESS
They're there now, along with their great members, just waiting to meet and help YOU!

And here's to your success,


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