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Taking Your Content the Extra Mile By Marketing to Marketers, Earning Trust, and Mastering the ...

With many not-so-successful ABM implementations, an overload of Pokemon Go content, and increasing obstacles because of ad blockers it’s not surprising so many marketers are embracing a new year. To kick off this year, Randy Frisch and I have an inspirational lineup of content marketers to help you with your 2017 content marketing strategy.

Through our conversations with Travis Wright, Nick Steeves, Claire Suellentrop, Jess Ostroff, and Pamela Muldoon, you will learn the best insights to make the most of your content marketing. 

Tune in to a Content Pros episode while you’re on a run, commuting home, or out for a coffee break. Our guests will fill your ears with goodness.

The Real Impact of Content on Social Selling

Travis Wright, CMO and Chief Marketing Technologist at CCP.Digital, knows that content plays a massive role in the three major digital trends of today: social business, marketing technology, and customer experience. Social selling and content marketing are a match made in heaven when it comes to these trends, but to preserve its impact, marketers need to guarantee its acceptance on all levels of the business.

To ensure that social selling is successful in your company, start with business strategy and goals, only then following with a focus on technology. By starting with strategy, marketers can ensure that they build social content into the very fabric of an organization

After strategy comes action, and that involves creating not one, but two content funnels. By creating a strategy for each, your content will be hitting the right eyes at the right time and for the right purpose.

Listen in now to hear more from Travis on: 

  • Why successful social selling means the entire organization needs to be socially savvy
  • How flexible content marketing means being ready to react to everything at any time
  • Why combining technology with excellent service means developing account-based content advertising
How a Microsite Can Take Your Content to the Next Level

Pop-ups are often thought of as necessary but also as cumbersome, annoying, and sometimes destructive when it comes to moving a prospect along the funnel. However, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to conversions and pop-ups.

Nick Steeves, Chief Product Officer at Wishpond, has cultivated a career in successfully using pop-ups to turn prospects into leads and leads into sales. Through careful targeting and contextual CTAs, he takes the sting out of those previously pesky pop-ups and makes them an invaluable marketing tool.

He also has the in-depth knowledge in marketing required to actually market to the well-versed and wary audience of marketers themselves. When it comes to this group, it’s about losing the tricks and focusing on providing a no-nonsense value offer.

Click here for more on Nick’s proven approach:

  • How effective, targeted pop-up management leads customers beyond annoyance to conversion
  • How creating a microsite can lead to keyword dominance
  • Why a convincing call-to-action means moving the CTA from the bottom to the top
How to Find Startup Success Through Content

Starting a business is a risky venture with a lot at stake: money, reputation, career, and the list goes on. Before embarking on this exciting and terrifying adventure, many entrepreneurs do their best to ensure success by creating a solid business plan.

For Claire Suellentrop, Director of Marketing at Calendly, a proper business plan should take a fresh look at content marketing and understand how it can be used to fuel business growth.
By focusing on building the organization as a whole instead of just “staying in your (marketing department) lane,” content marketers can have an enormous impact on the growth and longevity of a startup, making themselves an invaluable asset to any organization.

A few highlights from my conversation with Claire:

  • Why content marketing for a startup means a blending marketing with sales and infusing it throughout the organization
  • How understanding and adapting to the current stage of growth for your company leads to more successful content
  • Why developing impactful content around customer success means rolling up your sleeves and diving into data
The Secret to Exponential Brand Growth Through Podcasting and Atomization

Listeners benefit from informative, entertaining shows that fit perfectly in the hectic, multi-tasking, on-the-go lifestyle common to so many of us these days. But what does a brand get out of producing a podcast?

If you ask Jess Ostroff, Managing Editor and Executive Producer for Convince & Convert, podcasting is one of the best ways for a brand to build credibility and connections with their audience. It gives a unique depth to your company’s presence that is not replicated through any other social media platform out there; it literally gives your brand a voice. 

When presented with a choice in the marketplace, a buyer will go with the one they trust, and by focusing on podcasting development, that choice can be you.

It’s not too late to hear from Jess about:

  • How the evolving world of marketing leads to learning on the fly
  • Why producing in the modern media realm means doubling as IT support
  • How content atomization leads to wider reach and greater insight into what your audience wants
Taking Your Content the Extra Mile

We pour hours of our time and endless amounts of energy into creating single pieces of content that address particular concerns or work towards a certain goal (sales, campaign, metrics, etc.). But what happens to that content once the goal is met?

Pamela Muldoon, Revenue Marketing Coach for The Pedowitz Group, believes that content has multiple lives to lead along our buyer’s journey. By thoughtfully repurposing old content, you not only save time and money, but you also ensure all your buyers find stories that appeal to them and help them along the funnel to conversion.

But for a content marketer to harness the full power of content recycling, they must have organization, dedication, and a champion that understands the impact of properly framed conversations.

Here are three insights to look forward to in this episode:

  • Why being a subject matter expert means putting content updates into your workflow
  • How reframing content for individual personas leads to a fresh, impactful look at old ideas
  • How an internal content champion leads to successful campaigns in even the most regulated of industries

Before you go and listen to these informative episodes, grab a copy of The Future of Content Marketing, to think about what comes next after you implement all the great ideas from this month's guests.

The Future of Content Marketing

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