Friday, February 24, 2017

5 Steps to Growing Your Marketing Performance

The path to better marketing performance is a lot like to taking a wild patch of land and transforming it into a manicured garden lawn. Like a garden, you can’t grow your marketing performance overnight but you can begin to make an impact this quarter taking one step at a time.

For mature organizations, you might feel like you’re standing on the edge of the Amazon trying to simply gain visibility into growth, let alone accelerate it towards your corporate objectives. For others, you might be facing the Mojave Desert wondering how to initiate growth. Regardless of your outlook, the goal for today’s CMO is the same – to demonstrate impact and drive revenue.

And the stakes for marketers are high. Without being able to answer tough questions from Leadership about the impact Marketing is having on the business, you risk losing control, strategic power and marketing dollars.

Exponentially Increasing Scope

Meanwhile, the scope of Marketing’s role and responsibility has increased exponentially. Long gone are the Mad Men days of brand and agency. Today’s marketers have transitioned to communications, demand gen and are now responsible for the full customer experience. We have more channels available, more data to comb through, higher customer expectations and, according to Scott Brinker, over 4,000 martech vendors to choose from to help us make that lasting impact.

Our landscape is unrulier than ever before but at the end of the day, for marketers to win, we must understand what’s working and what’s not.

Check out our infographic  below or via this link. You'll see where we’ve broken down the steps to growing your marketing performance into 5 incremental stages. Take the first step by gaining control of your marketing organization, get better visibility into your marketing investments and grow your marketing performance by making data-driven decisions. 

Making Data Driven Decisions

A solid data management platform (DMP) and strategy are imperative if marketers want to create audience communications that deliver quality engagements. Download Maximize Your Marketing: Eight Questions to Ask as You Introduce a Data Management Strategy and discover how to use data to drive real results.  

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