Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Great CMOs Understand the Value of Obliterating Internal Barriers

How many walls does your team have to climb over, under or around, before they can reach decision makers? Bureaucracy is fatal to small and medium-sized businesses. For larger enterprises, it can prove extraordinarily expensive. Learning where internal barriers to progress and creativity exist in your company and how to eliminate the will help you set up for efficiency, innovation, and success.

Access the Best Ideas from a Diverse Team

The “digital disruptions” of the past few decades have created a new competitive landscape. Consumers are interacting with thousands of different devices, online platforms, and content channels. This highly-customized user experience is giving consumers an expectation that brands will cater to their specific needs, wants, and desires.

With so many different cultural perspectives, CMOs are harnessing the power of a diverse team to find new ways to reach out to consumers. I spoke with Yaniv Masjedi, the CMO of Nextiva, to gain a perspective on how enterprise communication is evolving. He shared:  

We’ve witnessed an evolution in how executives communicate with the teams they oversee. The CMO's direct extension is being included in the public phone tree. The C-Suite is demanding more ways to communicate directly with their teams. And cross-platform, cloud-based communication solutions are evolving to meet that need in a way that respects privacy and fosters creative efficiency.

Collaboration, without borders, is the key to tackling the challenge of crafting a marketing strategy that appeals to diverse, niche audiences.

Retarget More Effectively with Less Barriers

Retargeting is the process of reaching consumers that have already engaged with your sales funnel. They may have added an item to their shopping cart, or engaged with an online tutorial. For the consumer, retargeting can seem creepy. You are going to use the information they’ve unwittingly provided to craft a message that’s deeply personal to them.

But, when done correctly, it has a dramatic effect on conversions. And for good reason. More than 40% of consumers prefer advertising that is customized to them. When a consumer first sees an ad for a brand or service, they will only engage with it 0.07% of the time. But, when the ad is retargeted, they will click on it 0.7% of the time. That may sound insignificant, but it represents an improvement in the effectiveness of an ad campaign by 1000%!   

Save Time and Improve Creative Efficiency

Successful retargeting requires out-of-the-box thinking. Consumers aren’t excited by seeing the same ad over and over again; they want to be inspired and excited. Based on what you’ve already learned about them, you can definitely press their buttons!

Think about a consumer that is looking for a new car: they’ve visited your website, where you sell cars, and they’ve clicked around a bit. Thanks to your use of site cookies, your paid advertising can follow that visitor wherever they go next.

So, if the visitor took a close look at sports cars with a convertible top, you’d want to entice them to come back by alerting them to a new deal or special offer on a sleek new convertible.

Retarget by Highlighting Unique Features

The best CMOs engage their entire team to create retargeting strategies that speak to different mindsets. Your team has different passions that are unique to them. Draw from their multiple preferences to help guide your retargeting efforts and reach the diverse passions of customers.

Your retargeting ad should highlight unique features that matter to your recent visitors. This engagement needs to be more than a reminder — it has to be exciting and relevant. It’s much easier to achieve that goal if you have easy access to a diverse team of marketing pros and a lookbook filled with inspiration to pull from. 

Begin utilizing your team and download the 7th Annual Lookbook to get a running headstart!

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