Thursday, December 21, 2017

Right Place, Right Time: The Effectiveness of Send Time Optimization

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Albert Lee. Albert is a Senior Product Manager at Oracle Responsys, who previously worked as a Product Consultant for the Tech Services team and the Email Marketing Manager for StubHub.

In early 2015, Oracle Responsys introduced our first Send Time Optimization (STO) feature. STO gave marketers the ability to send an email at the most optimal time to each individual customer within their target audience. Early adopters of STO saw promising results with higher open rates due to the emails appearing closer to the top of customer inboxes when they are the most engaged.

Since its debut, Responsys has continued to improve on our STO offering. This year, we introduced a new Send Time Optimization stage in Program that simplified the use of the feature. The adoption of STO grew and marketers continued to see great results. 

For example, in October, a large department store chain saw an 80% increase in unique open rates with an email they sent using STO compared to those who were sent the same email at a default send time. This was accompanied by a 34% decrease in bounces, which was a byproduct of the email being sent to the ISPs in smaller batches. In short, more emails got into the inboxes and more customers are responding to them.

With its ease of deployment and effective outcome, STO should definitely be part of your arsenal of marketing tactics to help improve responses to your emails.

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