Thursday, December 20, 2018

Insights from Oracle Social Cloud Puts Marketers in the Driver’s Seat


Business and customer insights are the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. That's why the Oracle Social Cloud Product team is excited to announce the launch of Insights. Insights is a new social analytics feature that gives marketers the flexibility to build custom dashboards that incorporate both owned and earned data channels without having to switch between applications.

How does it work?

Custom dashboards can be created based on an individual’s reporting needs. Users select only those topics that are relevant to them. Dashboards are set up using drag-and-drop widgets and have multiple chart formatting options. Marketers can also add notes and descriptions to the dashboard to describe what each report represents. Automated reporting makes it easy for marketers to export or share key information on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.


For example, if a user wants to see Topic metrics for earned data, Owned metrics from social channels, and Engage metrics for their teams all in a single view, they can simply create a dashboard in Insights and pull all of the information into one place for a comprehensive view of these areas.

With customizable widgets, marketers can visualize campaign results and monitor brand health according to their specific campaign or strategic needs. They can choose which widgets they’d like to add to the dashboard via drag-and-drop, and can edit the title, chart type, and chart size. 

Marketers have all the flexibility they need to personalize according to their preferences by changing the date range applied to a widget, add or remove channels based on the data they’d like to see, and even apply filters like Indicators, Sentiment, Gender, Location and Content Type to their Topic metrics. 

Insights allows social teams to drill down into their Topic metrics to see all messages associated with a topic by clicking on a data point in the chart. If, for instance, a new product promotion is launched around the holidays, they can gauge impact by isolating results by media site and region from the first days-to-weeks, post-launch.

Sharing is Easy

Dashboards can be exported instantly. Users can even set up a scheduled export to be sent out periodically, specifying the frequency, file format, and the emails of the recipients. Permissions are specific to each individual’s dashboard. No other users would have access to that view of the dashboard unless shared with them. 

Learn More

At Oracle, we are committed to empowering marketers to use data to create irresistible, connected experiences. To learn more about Insights, check out a replay of the introduction webinar or review the Insights Help documentationContact us for information on how Oracle Social Cloud can help you keep your finger on the pulse of the market.

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