Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Poor Email Performance Visibility: You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Email marketing programs are complex three-dimensional objects. If you don’t look at them from all angles and shine a light into the nooks, you simply can’t see it all. And if you can’t fully see it, you have little hope of fully understanding it, much less optimizing and mastering it.

Unfortunately, there’s significant evidence that many brands have poor visibility into their email performance. That’s jeopardizing both customer experiences and email profitability for those brands.

For example, research from Oracle partner Litmus shows that brands that can measure their email marketing return on investment very well report an ROI of 46-to-1 on average, whereas brands that can only measure their ROI adequately report a 33-to-1 return. While some of that gap is surely due to differences in program sophistication, we estimate that the majority of it is simply due to some brands getting way more credit for the success that they’re driving because they’re able to measure more of their impact.

How would your email program resourcing and budget change if you could demonstrate that you’re generating returns that are 20%, 25%, or 30% more than you’re reporting today?

In the on-demand webinar video below, we discuss this issue in detail, along with deep dives into how poor performance visibility is affecting both email marketing quality assurance and email deliverability.

Along the way, we share research as well as advice from a few of the more than 500 consultants at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting—including our Senior Director of QA and Campaign Services, Simone Edmonds; Senior Strategic Consultant for Deliverability Services, Kent McGovern; and Director of Strategic Services, Kaiti Livermore. Break the cycle of your email marketing status quo.


We hope you enjoyed “You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Poor Email Performance Visibility,” which is part of Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s on-demand webinar series.


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