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15 Resources to Bring Your Social Media Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

social media marketing resourcesWorking in social media marketing can be overwhelming, so you are forced to try to organize and scale tasks as much as you can. Sadly, behind that scaling effort hides another problem: You may ultimately build a routine and do the same thing day after day.

Social media is all about variety though: Tactics change daily, new tools and apps are launched, new opportunities emerge.

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Let’s get down to the list now! Here are 15 resources to help you get out of social media marketing routine and try something new:

1. Social Media for Business 101 from our own @IMNinjaSuzy

A good place to start, this article organizes what you may already know listing some essential tips and tools.

2. How Hashtags Work from @seosmarty over at @Moz

It’s probably a bit outdated (Google Plus has been steadily given up hashtags since then) but it gives a good overlook of how hashtags operate on different social media sites.

3. How to Generate and Close Social Leads On Twitter from @Growmap

A thorough, in-depth look at building leads using Twitter.

4. The Secret Sauce to Shareable Visual Content Your Audience Will Devour from @sociallysorted

Images are key to social media engagement: Bookmark this guide for tips and tools to help you create irresistible images for your social media updates.

5. How to Promote a Blog Post on Social Media from @JimBoykin via #JimAndAnn show

Do you have a piece of content to promote on social media? Here are the actual steps you need to take to share a URL on social media to generate clicks and engagement.

6. How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post from @PegFitzpatrick

Everything from wording to character limits and images, this article will help you make your social media stand out.

7. How to Promote Your YouTube Channel Like a Pro from @djthewriter via @sproutsocial

A thorough step-by-step guide into marketing your Youtube channel.

8. Video Marketing Checklist: Channels, Tips and Tools from @seosmarty at @ClearVoice

Easy to follow steps on optimizing and enhancing your video before and after uploading it to Youtube.

9. Instagram Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Instagram Success from @lisadjenkins via @smexaminer

A well-structured guide into Instagram marketing as well as some essential tools to get you started.

10. Practical Tips to Reach More People on Social Media via @pakwired

Finally, a quick reminder to keep you out of trouble. Oftentimes, using social media tools may ruin your relationships with your contacts instead of strengthening them, so beware!

Social Media Podcasts

I love podcasts because you can listen to them while on the go: When commuting, traveling, etc. They allow for otherwise thoughtless time to be spent efficiently. Here are free social media marketing podcasts to subscribe to:

1. The Science of Social Media By Buffer

Buffer always has great guests to talk about indepth tactics and useful tools. It’s also pretty active publishing new items a few times a month.

2. The Social Media Examiner Show

Social Media Examiner is one of my favorite social media marketing blogs. Targeting business owners, it’s a great resource with always high-quality tutorials. They put every article on voiceover and turn into a podcast. They also regularly invite experts to discuss new social media trends and events.

3. Social Media Social Hour with Tyler J. Anderson

This podcast is very actionable and tactical. Be ready to implement some tips right after listening! Tyler covers a variety of social media networks including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, and more.

4. The #AskGaryVee Show with Gary Vaynerchuk

Focusing on relationship building, this one will be a great motivation for you to start trying new tactics.

5. The Social Toolkit by Social Fresh

Jason Keath @jasonkeath and Jason Yarborough @yarby interviews social media experts on tools and software. It’s a great resource to discover new tools weekly.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our own #JimAndAnn show on both Youtube and iTunes!

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