Friday, August 25, 2017

Chrome October “Not Secure” Flag, Facebook Video Revamp, and More: Weekly Forum Roundup

This weeks major discussions dealt with the upcoming HTTPs chrome flag change, Facebooks revamp of their video product, Googles testing of new publisher subscription features.

Other noteworthy discussions dealt with best practices for site migrations.

Be HTTPs by October or Chrome will show “not secure” flag

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The latest version of chrome is labeling already http password & credit card inputs as not secure. Beginning in October, Chrome 62 will flag any http form and all http pages with a ‘not secure’ warning.

Google sent out mass notifications this week through Google Search Console regarding the warning.

Facebook “Watch” Video Could Earn Publishers Up To 55pct

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Facebook did its video section to allow its partners to earn significantly more revenue – as much as a 55% increase.

Webmaster World member, Mack, commented:

“I think this is an opportunity for Facebook to get right, something that Youtube is currently getting wrong. The ability to have programs (shows) within a channel. As it stands, if you wanted to effectively do this on Youtube you would need to use multiple channels. If a user has multiple content areas but wants to use one channel to display them it can be confusing.”

Google to test subscription tool to help publishers win new subscribers

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In a move mirroring Facebooks’ recent announcement, Google is testing a tool to assist publishers with their subscriptions. The changes will include:

  • A revamp of their ‘first click free’ functionality.
  • Possible new functionality around targeting and online payments, which they are testing with The New York Times Co. and The Financial Times.

SEO Effects Of Changing Domains

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Members discuss best practices for changing domains. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Make changes slowly do not change domains, change design, and change content at the same time.
  • Make sure to do a 301 redirect from the old domain to the new domain.

Migrating a 6-yr-old website with 8k pages – 180 day update

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Members discuss a site that was migrated, nothing the following  points:

  • 180 days is typically enough time for new pages to be indexed.
  • Avoid manipulating redirects, such as implementing 404s on the pages that 301 redirecting to the new designation URLs after the fact, this may only negatively impact rankings further.
  • Don’t worry about Moz Domain Authority of pages on your website or the backlinks pointing to your website from redirects.

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