Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How LucidChart Used Kissmetrics to Drive Growth

LucidChart, a SaaS-based diagramming application with over 9 million users, wanted to make sure their site was more than just pretty to look at. They wanted to ensure that it was leading users down the path to purchase. This is how they used Kissmetrics to leverage the behavioral data their users were leaving behind and increased conversions by 30%.

The initial step LucidChart took was to dive deep into data to better understand and evaluate the customer journey across their site. They learned what users were doing, where they were going and where they were dropping off across their site. Using insights from Kissmetrics they found key areas in the journey where they could drive efficiency and which pages they wanted to test a redesign.

After creating the new pages LucidChart used the Kissmetrics Funnel Report in correlation with the A/B Test Report to determine the effectiveness variation of the new pages both as a stand alone and part of the customer journey. Until they locked in on the best performing pages and process to drive conversions.

Funnel Report

Growth and marketing teams use our Funnel Report to see where dropoffs occur before conversion. This report is entirely customizable and can be used to track any conversion path you’d like. Furthermore, you can segment the data based on lead source, location, referring links, etc.

Used for illustration purposes. This is not LucidChart’s data.

LucidChart was able to track different segments across the customer journey and compare one another as well as use the A/B Test report to test the new design against the old.

A/B Test Report

With this report, you’ll create your test in an A/B testing tool, such as Optimizely, and track the results in Kissmetrics.

All data is imported from A/B testing tool and stored in Kissmetrics. Note: this is not LucidChart’s data.

What makes this Kissmetrics report unique is that you’ll be able to see how a test impacts any part of your funnel. Want to see if a new headline on your homepage leads to more purchases? Or see how a test in the middle of the funnel impacts the bottom line? Get your answer in just a few clicks in Kissmetrics. Having both reports coordinated in the same tool allowed LucidChart to measure the effectiveness of the new pages’ impact on the customer funnel with the old pages.

The Results

The outcome? By combining the power of the Kissmetrics A/B Test Report with the Funnel Report, LucidChart discovered that 2 pages in particular, their new homepage and new product page, were driving a huge 30% increase in conversions.

“Insights from Kissmetrics drove a 30% lift in our conversions. All of our key customer behavior data lives in Kissmetrics, for both our product and website, so we can quickly identify and take action on any roadblocks across our growth cycle. Kissmetrics is essential to Lucid Software’s growth efforts.”

Spencer Mann, VP of Growth at Lucid Software

Every time a prospect visits your site or uses your product they’re leaving a digital trail of their behavior – showing what they’re doing, where they get stuck, what they like, don’t like and why. There’s tremendous value in that data and it’s critical for driving growth.

Kissmetrics enables you to capture and leverage all that behavioral data to increase conversions, acquisitions and retention.

About Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics’ Customer Engagement Automation platform helps product and marketing teams turn insights into growth. Our software is comprised of 3 key features:

  • Analyze: A set of behavioral reports and metrics. Monitor your growth KPI’s across the customer lifecycle. And dive deep to understand user behavior and discover key insights.
  • Populations: Segment your users based on key growth initiatives and track their progress.
  • Campaigns: Behavior based email automation. Fully customizable editor puts you in complete control of customer engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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About the Author: Jonathan Cabin is a Growth Analyst at Kissmetrics focused on initiatives that create sustainable growth. His background covers sales, project management and marketing. In his free time you can find him surfing, golfing and asking his boss for time off to travel.

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