Friday, September 29, 2017

Twitter Testing 280 Character Limit, Apple Switches To Google and Revised Adwords T & C: Weekly Forum Update

Much of the big discussion this will was around Twitters testing a character limit that is double their existing character limit.

Beyond that, there was some interesting discussion around Apples switch to from bing to Google as the search engine for spotlight and Siri.

Twitter tests 280 character tweets

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Twitter  announced that it is testing upping the twitter character limit to up to 280 characters.

Over on Webmaster World the sentiment seems positive or neutral on the change but over on CEO, Jack Dorsey’s twitter – long time users were not keen on the change and felt that the character limit was part of the essence of what Twitter is. Jack Dorsey responded to the criticism with the following:

Apple switches from Bing to Google for Siri web search results on iOS

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A lot of the discussion on Webmaster World surrounding the switch was why Apple has not tried to buy a smaller search engine or build their own. One member commented seeing Applebot on their servers for a couple of years.

Google Adwords Updating Terms & Conditions

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Some of the changes highlighted as part of the new Adwords Terms and Conditions include:

  • Allowing Google to test campaigns without notifying advertisers
  • Disputes to be settled by binding arbitration and blocks advertisers from joining class action lawsuits

On Webmaster World the discussion was around how users don’t ever read terms and conditions. Also, it was noted that with ‘deep enough pockets’ arbitration clauses can be challenged.


Best way to link to site in a Facebook post?

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Over on SEOchat, a photogprapher asked about the best way to link back to her site from Facebook, without being spammy.

Member Mike Hoklin provided the following advice,
This is what I do. When I come back from a trip (like I’m doing tomorrow), I post the photo on my blog with the details. Then I create a new Facebook Page entry with a short teaser and/or title of image….something like that. The paste that copied link into that FB entry. I usually share that FB Page Entry into my personal FB account and some of the FB Groups I belong.”


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