Monday, July 9, 2018

I’ll Meet You Any Channel, Any Time, With Only One Price

It’s difficult to plan and execute a multichannel marketing strategy when you’re running a growing business in a highly competitive market. This is especially challenging if your marketing teams don’t truly understand how CPM (cost per thousand) relates to messaging costs in your org. If those costs aren’t straightforward, or have hidden management and account fees, then measuring variable channel costs by channel is next to impossible.

It’s hard to ascertain where and how your marketing dollars are spent when there is such an overwhelming number of vendor pricing models complicating how to determine ROI.  So, as part of our commitment to help customers analyze the critical components of pricing models, especially as they pertain to marketing orchestration and CPM, we’re announcing some changes.

  1. Simplified Pricing: We’re removing pricing as a barrier by giving customers access to all Responsys digital channels while allowing them to pool messages with a single CPM, regardless of channel used. In this model, customers only pay for what they use.
  2. Using Responsys,all channels are available to all customers: Our new pricing goes live June 14, 2018. It includes Email, SMS, and Mobile Apps (Push).
  3. Launch of SPAN (SMS Public Aggregator Network): SPAN is a first-of-its-kind marketplace providing customers with a self-serve application to order and manage their SMS codes directly with Aggregators on the SPAN network. The SPAN marketplace provides customers with a diverse network of vetted partners providing simplified access to global markets. SPAN not only simplifies how customers can leverage the power of this ubiquitous channel, it also eliminates the confusion around costs and deployment for customers by providing more transparency to aggregator pricing and eliminates account fees.
  How Can this Help Your Company?

Simplicity: Oracle Marketing Cloud believes in a ‘batteries included’ approach to pricing. What does this mean? When you invest with Oracle Responsys, you get the whole platform.

Flexibility: Oracle understands it’s often hard to predict how marketers will use their interaction/messaging budget. Our new pricing strategy helps alleviate this issue by letting marketers pool all Responsys orchestrated messages with a single CPM. They can use them on whatever channel they want, whenever they want.

Transparency: Have you ever wondered how much of your spend goes to native functionality vs. third-party hard costs?  At Oracle Marketing Cloud, we don’t hide third-party costs. This means you know exactly where your marketing dollars are going.

What We Won’t Charge You For: Oracle Responsys is a high-end performance marketing platform. Our customers should be able to use every bit of it. While other vendors make you pay extra for a premium reporting tool, an orchestration canvas, or even to set up an extra account - we won’t. These pricing gimmicks do little for customer success and in most cases, serve as a thinly veiled way for vendors to layer in unnecessary costs. We charge based on utilization because higher utilization means more ROI. More ROI means more successful customers.


As customers take a broader look at how they manage the entire customer experience, they’ll continue to examine the complexities around vendor pricing and marketing channels that frustrate customers and hinder marketing orchestration efforts. That’s why Oracle is responding with changes to the way our customers plan for, and execute on their marketing strategies using the Oracle Responsys Platform. These changes will simplify pricing and create greater spending flexibility for marketers while providing a more transparent view of costs.

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