Thursday, December 12, 2019

Real-Time Personalization: How to Solve Retail Marketers’ Biggest Holiday Email Headaches

As we move into the prime holiday spending season, it’s important for retail marketers to understand how important it is to keep the focus on the customer. A large number of emails people receive today are basic broadcast messages without customization or care. However, email marketing is one area of interaction where retail marketers still have opportunity to move a simple engagement into the realm of surprise and delight. Personalization and segmentation are the keys to this.

Brands who want to deepen the relationship with their customer through email need to think differently about their approach. Email needs to shift from a static, take-it or leave-it format to one that is responsive and reactive, with improved content and offers created for every individual. When building holiday campaigns, retail marketers need to take another look at their engagements and see how improved email marketing can help them live up to burgeoning customer expectations.

The frantic rush of the season is challenging, but real-time personalization, meaning the right emails sent to the right person, can keep your campaigns churning ahead rather than wasting time, effort, and money.

What challenges do retail marketers face at the holiday that better email marketing can lend a hand in ? What do they need to look out for that the right marketing automation platform can help with?

  • Not promoting sold-out items

  • Motivating customers to shop and make purchases

  • Make your special events, limited-time sales, and deadlines impactful

  • Find out what your customers are looking for

  • Get more people into your retail store

  • Update your deals and discounts

  • Drive repeat business

How should a retail marketer overcome these obstacles? Find out how to deal with holiday email headaches with Oracle and Liveclicker’s “Holiday Lookbook 2019: Real-Time Solutions to 9 of Retail Marketers’ Biggest Holiday Email Headaches.”

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