Sunday, July 26, 2020

Send (More) Targeted Emails for Better Results

On the Fly is our video series with small bites (two mins or less) of marketing and customer experience advice and training from experts, given to you during the current disruption. Our featured expert this week is Karen Talavera – founder and president of Synchronicity Marketing. Karen is a digital and email marketing expert and brings us tips to optimize our email marketing.

How do you maximize the bang for your email marketing buck? Talavera says the secret might just lie in sending more email. She doesn’t mean double the frequency of your email. What she recommends is to plan targeted follow-up sequences and touches to go with every email campaign. Make sure to watch the full video where Karen shares some great examples and scenarios that B2B and B2C marketers will find useful:


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Email frequency matters when building your reputation as an email marketer. You should view email deliverability and privacy as two of your main goals. Find out how to “Do More with Email Deliverability and Privacy.”

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