Monday, October 28, 2019

Paint a Total Picture of Your Customers: 4 Things CDPs Do for Data-Driven Marketers

A customer data platform (CDP) pulls data from multiple sources to provide a single, unified customer profile that is accessible to other martech systems. The sources CDPs pull into their central database from include emails, web forms, website and social media activities, customer behaviors, DMP, CRM,  and more. Connected data paints a better picture of just who your B2B and B2C customers are and how you can better connect, engage with, and help them.

CPDs help data-driven marketers:

1) Better Understand Your Customers

With the more connected data you have, the better you can understand your customers’ worlds and what their interests, preferences, needs, and pain points are. Then you can better reach out to them, develop a relationship, and instill customer loyalty.

2) Craft a More Relevant and Personalized Experience

The data has shown you who your customers are and what they are looking for. You know where and how they engage with your brand, what channels they prefer, and what messaging speaks to them. Tailor the customer experience accordingly.

3) Market in Micro-Moments

Customers engage with your brand in micro-moments, which cannot be disparate and discrete. Connected data is how you connect all these micro-moments together into one conversation. The more context, detail, and familiarity with the customer you show, the more they will engage with you.

4) Take the Next Best Action

A unified view of your customer tells you the content they prefer, the offers that interest them, the information they need, and any activity that will get them to click through, download, sign up, or even buy. More importantly, you know when is the right time and what is the best way to deliver your message to them.


Customers now drive all marketing conversations, and connected data is the key to:

  • Keeping up with them,

  • Knowing and anticipating their needs, and

  • Engaging them with helpful knowledge and solutions.

Find out how to “Do More with Customer Data Platforms” to realize their full potential.

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