Monday, February 24, 2020

The Future of Small Business Marketing is In-House

The Future of Small Business Marketing is In-House written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

In a recent blog post identifying marketing insights for 2020, I mentioned the idea that more small business owners should and are taking basic marketing tactics in-house.

Now, that may seem like an odd trend for a marketing consultant to promote but let me tell you a story about a typical small business today in the world of digital marketing.

Years ago I started working with a small remodeling contractor helping them transition to the digital age. We helped them narrow their ideal client description, create a core message that helped them stand out, and basically updated their brand identity and promise.

We also made their website more useful, added a blog (possibly the first-ever for a remodeling contractor), went to work on their SEO, introduced them to social media, and started running ads that attracted leads. Pretty standard stuff today.

And boy did it work . . .

They doubled in size and then doubled again, and again. Now, while I like to take credit for all of this success, the fact is they do great work, they treat their customers right, and they have a strong culture of service.

But as they grew rapidly it became apparent that they could grow even faster with an even stronger marketing effort that included community relations, public relations, referral programs, even a focus on visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

But, at the time, I was their entire marketing department and what they really needed to go to the next level was to start building an internal team. I introduced this idea to them and it went nowhere.

Here’s why – they had tried this in the past before engaging my services and it failed miserably so they were gun shy.

When I pressed this idea they eventually conceded that it failed because they didn’t really have the ability to train, manage, and direct a “marketing manager” so the person they hired had no real plan and ended up working on things that were not relevant in the big picture. (In truth they did like so many businesses do and found a young, inexpensive hire that they thought knew how to do social media.)

A new approach

I had a great working relationship with this business and wanted to continue to help them grow so I proposed an innovative solution.

I would help them hire, train, and ultimately direct a “marketing manager” with them. I had already created a repeatable marketing system and a training curriculum so I knew I could make this work for them.

Well, work it did. We were able to help them find and completely level up a relatively inexperienced marketing manager to the point where they now have a potent internal resource and are on the verge of adding more team.

Oh, and did I mention their business is now 10 times the size it was when I first started working with them. (that’s what the next level looks like.)

Now, the point of this rather long post is this. I think this is a model whose time has come.

Certified Marketing Manager training is coming

I’m currently working on a hybrid coaching model for businesses who need to level up their marketing with an internal resource or team but either don’t know how to do it or know that they would benefit from an outside resource helping them build a complete marketing system, structure, and plan – with their internal marketing resources.

We are calling this program the Certified Marketing Manager powered by Duct Tape Marketing and I’m in full swing creating the training and tools needed to make it as useful as possible to any business determined to take this path.

This training and coaching will be perfect for:

  • Organizations who want to hire a marketing manager
  • Organizations who want to level up their current marketing manager
  • Organizations who are committed to personal development for their team
  • Even business owners who want more clarity and control over their own marketing

Not another course

The details of the program are still being worked out but let me say this emphatically – this is not a course. Courses have their place, but let’s face it, few of us take action using self-guided courses. (C’mon you know I’m right about that.)

This will be personalized training based on your business, not on theory or generalities. You’ll have a coach who will help you train your team, map out a marketing plan, and help you create marketing structure and process.

And, you’ll have your very own proven marketing system.

That’s what you need to go to the next level!

All I ask today is that if anything about this idea sounds interesting click the button below and tell us you want to be one of the first to get the details.

Yes, this sounds amazing

Thanks for reading and let close by saying I believe this is the future of marketing for small business, check it out!

from Duct Tape Marketing