Monday, February 17, 2020

What Should Your Website’s Home Page Look Like? 5 Things to Consider

A webpage is not a landing page or email. It’s meant to be longer and hold more information. Think of your website. What do people see when they arrive on the home page? First impressions do count. This is your chance to impress and dazzle them. Do you clearly:

  • Articulate what your products and services are?

  • Present valuable thought leadership?

  • Give a good sense of who you and your brand are?

  • Establish yourself as a helpful advisor and authority in your industry?

  • Give the visitor reasons to keep scrolling down, clicking through to other pages, and downloading your assets?

Your home page should achieve all these things. It builds your identity and gives you a chance to let everyone know what you are all about.

What should a good, clean home page be like then?

  • Simpler is better. A clean, simple design works best. Don’t clutter things and go overboard with the information you present. Give visitors just enough.

  • Readability. Avoid clutter. Use short, sharp copy that gets to the point and doesn’t waste anyone’s time. Make sure your visuals do the same thing. Use larger text and colors and designs that are easy to read and understand. Simplicity and readability also factor hugely into making sure your page is adapted to mobile.

  • Break things up. Feel free to use videos, links, images, and quotes to break up the copy to add variety and consider that some people will learn and process information better in a different way than the written word. Remember visuals can be simpler and more powerful than copy and can work in concert with it for strong effect.

  • Content game plan. Regardless of whether it’s a video, ebook, guide, or other downloadable asset, you want to offer content that provides value. It presents solutions to problems and answers questions. It sets you up as an authority and thought leader. Of course, you want a game plan and not random content put up. You want your best on the page and that also best presents your brand. Be sure to update and add new content all the time to keep things fresh.

  • Organization. Simplicity in design and copy, readability and understandability, a game plan, a lack of clutter, they all go into organization. You want a clean, organized site rather than anything random and confusing. Your homepage represents you. You want to come across as a professional, so your home page needs to get that across.

Put your best foot forward. If you’ve done the work with paid media, advertising, SEO, and building your brand, people are going to come to your site. What would you want people to see if they were visiting your home? A neat, orderly place with tasteful art and furniture? Or a mess that looks like you don’t know how to clean? Why should your homepage be any different?


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