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VIVAHR is a cloud-based applicant tracking software that helps you find more candidates in less time. 

Trusted by big-name companies like Redirect Health and Liberty HealthShare, VIVAHR makes recruiting simple with an automated hiring experience and effortless data transfer. 

VIVAHR offers scalable plans for small to medium-sized businesses to help them engage potential applicants and nurture successful candidates as efficiently as possible.

With standard applicant tracking to customizable hiring pipelines, VIVAHR is straight to the point and will help you transform your hiring structure from the ground up. 

VIVAHR Pros and Cons 


  • Team collaboration 
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable, with a free trial
  • Customizable features


  • Some functions are lacking
  • No email automation 
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How VIVAHR Compares to Top Applicant Tracking Tools 

Compared to the top applicant tracking software on the market today, VIVAHR is excellent for its customizable features and intuitive interface. Currently, VIVAHR doesn’t rank on our top list. But that’s not to say it isn’t a good product, because it is. 

VIVAHR offers quite a tailored HR experience at a reasonable price point, unlike many other applicant tracking software solutions. You can customize most functions on VIVAHR, and all paid users get access to unlimited job postings and applicants. 

Our top two picks, BambooHR and JazzHR, are excellent alternatives for slightly more affordable, all-in-one solutions. BambooHR is heavily focused on the HR aspect of hiring and recruiting, like onboarding processes and management. At the same time, JazzHR is a trusted software for its flexibility at a very affordable price point. 

VIVAHR’s Hiring Volume and Frequency 

All applicant tracking software solutions are different in terms of hiring volume and frequency. Some software restricts the number of job postings you can create, meaning you will have to pay more for a higher hiring volume. Luckily, VIVAHR offers plans with unlimited job postings and frequencies, even for small businesses. 

If you’re a small business owner, you can expect to pay $115 per month with VIVAHR for unlimited job postings and applicants. This is a good rate, as most software tends to charge upwards of $150 per month for unlimited features that cater towards large and enterprise-level businesses. 

VIVAHR offers more inclusive pricing plans by allowing small business owners to operate this software unlimitedly without paying an arm and a leg. 

If you need more than three users for hiring purposes, you’ll likely need to purchase a Pro or Corporate pricing plan. These pricing plans give you 10 users or the chance to create a custom amount of users, respectively. 

A small business that hires less than five employees each year will have different needs than an enterprise that hires dozens of employees each month. VIVAHR recognizes these differences and fills the gap in the market. 

With that said, before investing in any applicant tracking software, you should always consider the hiring volume and frequency of your business so you can save time and money. 

VIVAHR’s Software & Reporting

Some software is best for in-house hiring, while others are better-suited for recruitment agencies. No two applicant tracking software solutions are the same. Regarding this difference, VIVAHR is best for small to medium-sized businesses that work with recruitment agencies specifically. 

Recruitment agencies and smaller hiring teams will benefit the most from using VIVAHR because it lets you customize your workflow so the entire team can get involved in the process. 

VIVAHR gives you access to robust, pre-built reports so you can accurately present candidate data to an executive team or board during the hiring process. With access to such comprehensive reports, you will never have to worry about team presentations again. 

The VIVAHR software supports your recruitment team by providing top-tier reporting analytics on all candidates. You can manage unlimited candidates with ease by customizing your hiring pipeline so you can keep track of candidates, even if you fill the job position. 

The software will automatically tag all candidates with the correct job board source—whether they found your job ad via LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed, or Glassdoor. Tags will help your team figure out the most successful job board, so you can continue posting there for future job ads. 

VIVAHR’s Human Resources Features 

Depending on the size of your business, you may benefit more from an all-in-one HR solution. Favorably, VIVAHR offers a mix of both applicant tracking and human resources features that usually cater more to large business models. 

Although VIVAHR’s primary focus is on applicant tracking, it does offer team collaboration HR features that assist with everyday management, planning, and communication tasks. 

The customizable team collaboration platform is by far VIVAHR’s best feature. With team collaboration, you and your HR team can communicate seamlessly and work together to interview and hire candidates. 

With candidate profiles and custom scorecards, your entire team can view each candidate and submit a rating based on specific qualifiers. By utilizing the team collaboration platform, your team can create an overall rating and discuss the results—creating a more collaborative and inclusive hiring experience. Collaborative hiring also limits any inherent biases.

The overall team score will give the candidate a comprehensive and highly relevant score to assist in the next step of the hiring process. 

The VIVAHR dashboard host also has access to user controls. You can give team members access to candidate resumes and notes on all impressions and interactions. As the host, you can also add and remove team members at any time with one click. 

Although VIVAHR offers some HR features within its software, it’s not an all-in-one HR solution. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive HR solution, we would recommend BambooHR or WebHR, as they both offer features like onboarding, offboarding, and employee training tools. 

VIVAHR’s Pricing 

Before committing to any applicant tracking software, it’s crucial to figure out your budget and stick to it. Pricing will vary from product to product, but luckily, VIVAHR is an affordable option for the number of tools and features you get access to in each pricing plan. 

VIVAHR specializes in software for small to medium-sized businesses. Because many small businesses will want a software solution for low-volume hiring, VIVAHR should offer an inclusive option in this case. 

VIVAHR’s Starter plan, starting at $65 per month, offers a fair amount of features and tools perfect for startups. However, if the price range is still too high for you, we recommend looking into a free software option like Recooty

With that said, a lot of free forever software is restrictive and doesn’t let you control and customize your HR processes as freely as you would want. VIVAHR’s flexibility is why its pricing packages are some of the best on the market—because they are scalable and offer an excellent value for the money. 

Now let’s take an in-depth look at each VIVAHR pricing tier to see what they offer. 

Starter Plan: $65 per month, billed at $780 per year. With the Starter plan, you get three active job postings, unlimited applicants, one location, and one user. 

You receive 20 out of the 25 features that VIVAHR offers, making this plan valuable for many users. You still get to customize recruiting pipelines and interview processes with the Starter plan, making it a solid investment for one hiring manager with low-volume applications. 

Grow Plan: $115 per month, billed at $1,380 per year. The Grow plan is best for small businesses that need up to three users on the hiring platform. VIVAHR gives you three users, three locations, and unlimited job postings and applicants. 

You get access to everything in the Starter plan, among additional features like team collaboration and unlimited culture profiles. The Grow tier is perfect for businesses that need to post around 10-15 job ads per month. 

Pro Plan: $199 per month, billed at $2,388 per year. The Pro plan is best for large businesses that need up to 10 users operating within their HR department. The Pro plan gives you 10 users, 10 locations, and unlimited posting and applicants. 

Unlike the last two pricing plans, with the Pro plan, you get access to all VIVAHR features, including dedicated customer success and the native Zapier integration. 

The Pro plan is essential for medium to large-sized businesses or HR departments with a high volume of job postings per month. 

Corporate Plan: Contact the VIVAHR sales team for custom pricing. With the Corporate plan, VIVAHR gives enterprise-level businesses the option to create a customized plan with unlimited users, locations, job postings, and applicants. Just like the Pro plan, you receive all VIVAHR features, but on a much larger scale. 

You can save up to 17% by purchasing a plan billed on an annual basis. VIVAHR also offers a seven-day free trial on the first three plans and access to a free demo for the Corporate plan before purchasing. 

VIVAHR’s Offerings 

VIVAHR offers a few products related to applicant tracking and recruitment services that cater to small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s an in-depth look at the two most popular products from VIVAHR, the software itself and its Zapier integration.

The ATS 

VIVAHR offers extensive applicant tracking software (ATS) for a wide range of industries, making it one of the more flexible recruitment tools on the market. 

VIVAHR supports industries like automotive, landscaping, pest control, and plumbing, to name a few. It offers each industry a free job description template to help you attract experienced candidates to your job posting. 

The best part about these free description templates is that they come with example interview questions, a list of educational requirements for your specific industry, and average salaries for various jobs in your industry. 

VIVAHR’s industry-specific recruitment software will help small recruitment agencies or hiring managers to create a balanced job ad while helping to engage potential candidates. 

VIVAHR truly takes the guesswork out of job ads by doing all the work for you. For example, say you’re in the landscaping industry looking for a professional landscaper. VIVAHR offers landscaping hiring software that comprises the best job posting sites, tips for writing a better job description, and the nitty-gritty surrounding perks, hours, and requirements. 

The hiring process goes both ways, and VIVAHR understands this. Knowing how to write an outstanding job ad will have applicants rushing to apply for your job in as little as an hour. 

It’s true—most applicant tracking software caters to many different industries, but VIVAHR does it differently. It delves deep into each industry and offers its users the most robust features, tips, and templates for your success. 

When it comes to its users, VIVAHR has your best interest in mind. And did we mention that the templates are completely free? 

Zapier Integration 

Many applicant tracking software solutions fall short when it comes to integrations. Fortunately, VIVAHR offers a few popular integrations alongside a native Zapier integration that increases app efficiency within the software. 

App integrations will further increase the functionality of your software, which is why they are so important. With VIVAHR being one of the more straightforward applicant tracking software solutions, its Zapier integration is essential to save time during hiring processes. 

VIVAHR makes it easy to install and utilize the Zapier integration in just a few clicks. The VIVAHR Zaps let you increase your HR workflow conveniently by connecting third-party apps with your applicants, so you can communicate and hire without interference. When creating your first Zap through the VIVAHR dashboard, you can choose to have applicants from all jobs or specific jobs complete different actions. 

For example, the Zapier integration lets you choose to send alerts to third-party messaging applications, like Slack, when new applicants apply to your current job opening. 

Alongside the native Zapier integration, VIVAHR integrates with some of the most popular apps, including: 

  • Google Sheets 
  • Gmail
  • Hubspot
  • Greenhouse
  • MailChimp
  • Zoom

You can use as many integrations as you like, as they all work seamlessly together across VIVAHR’s platform. 

Compare The Best Applicant Tracking Software
We reviewed dozens of applicant tracking software and narrowed them down to the best options.
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Overall, we would recommend VIVAHR as an applicant tracking software for small to medium-sized businesses. 

VIVAHR is a user-friendly and customizable solution that will simplify your recruiting and hiring processes. 

With affordable and inclusive pricing options, extensive integrations, and industry-specific software, VIVAHR will transform your recruiting workflow instantly. 

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