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How To Brand With Purpose

How To Brand With Purpose written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Ivan Estrada

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Ivan Estrada. Ivan is a business leader and real estate broker with extensive experience in the industries of real estate and finance. He is a sought-after public speaker on topics of branding and marketing, personal development, and real estate. He’s also the author of Brand With Purpose: Find Your Passion, Stay True to Your Story, and Accelerate Your Career.

Key Takeaway:

When you brand yourself authentically, stay true to who you are, and share that version of yourself with the world, the results always follow.

In this episode, Ivan Estrada shares critical lessons about personal growth and self-discovery. He shares how your own experiences, challenges, and obstacles hold the key to creating a timeless brand that builds loyalty, influence, and trust―a brand with purpose.

Questions I ask Ivan Estrada:

  • [1:39] Story is a huge part of personal brands which is a crowded space and hot topic right now. What do you new things do you hope to introduce around this topic?
  • [3:46] Are there any kind of core stories from your upbringing, your family, your culture that you lean on that to tell to help people get your why?
  • [6:10] How do you marry the need to stand out while maintaining authenticity—not just standing out for the purpose of standing out?
  • [10:06] What are some of your favorite tools for telling and sharing the story?
  • [12:48] What would you tell the person who says that video isn’t for them?
  • [15:31] What role do you think design graphic design plays in the support of or elevation of a personal brand?
  • [17:32] How do you relate networking done right with building a personal brand?
  • [21:33] What role does being able to tell the story about the impact you want to make and believe in plays in personal brands?
  • [23:24] Where can people learn more about Brand With Purpose and all of the work that you’re doing?

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