Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Rise of the APAC Modern CMO

I’m always asked by marketers and CMOs across APAC “what is the key for a successful marketing strategy?” My response: Put your customer first and create a seamless journey. The aim is to convert them into brand advocates.

With the number of new digital channels available, the CMO of Tomorrow has the kind of granular behavioral data that earlier generations of marketers only dreamt about. The CMO of Tomorrow (or even Today) clearly has it better than their predecessors. Nevertheless, marketers need to understand the science of analyzing the data, and be as comfortable with that process as their predecessors were, especially with the notion of Product, Promotion, Place and Price.

To succeed, marketers will need the most complete view they can create for the customer journey — that means collecting, organising and analyzing data from anywhere they can find it, whether they own and control it or it belongs to a third party.

The Power of Technology

At the Modern Marketing Experience (MME) happening right now Las Vegas, we will witness how successful brands utilize the power of technology to create their customer journey. While content is king, data is certainly queen and we will be learning from these brands how they use other aspects of technology to create a strong brand experience for their customers and most importantly, how they transform their customers into loyal advocates.

This event reminds me how the technology maturity of the markets can impact marketing strategy. Developed markets like Australia and Singapore have the advantage of mature consumers, high mobile penetration rate and stable high speed internet. As such, they’ve readily adopted cloud-based services resulting in a customer shift on how, when and why they purchase.

Whereas in more developing markets like India, Indonesia and Vietnam, this shift is still a work-in-progress. The opportunity here for traditional brands will be to level up and be ahead of the crowd, and to lead their customers on the journey to think differently on what their preferred brands can do for them.

Despite the challenges for APAC marketers, I am also proud to say we have a strong APAC representation at MME and the highest number of APAC Markie Awards finalists. With 122 attendees from 9 countries this is the largest APAC delegation in MME’s 11 years history. APAC’s marketers are catching up to their peers from North America and Europe..

At Oracle Marketing Cloud, we celebrate the marketers that have led digital transformation in their organizations. We invite you to explore these innovative best practices at MME with us. They will inspire you to become the next CMO of Tomorrow and to shape a more rewarding journey for your customer.

For more details on Modern Marketing Experience and the Markie Awards Show in Las Vegas on April 25-27, please reach out to us here. 

Exclusive APAC Marketing Report: CMO of Tomorrow

We surveyed 460 marketers across Asia Pacific to discover how their roles are evolving and what the key skills are that our leaders of tomorrow will need in order to be successful. The CMO of Tomorrow report identifies the core skill gaps across the different regions and what channels marketers are investing in both the long and short term. Download the report to read the results, including a country by country breakdown. 


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