Sunday, June 28, 2020

10 More Marketing Tips on the Fly from the Pros

In the first part of our "On the Fly" series recap, we shared with you 10 Marketing Tips on the Fly from the Pros, and now we’re sharing ten more:

#1: Treat Newsletters More like Actual Letters

According to research from MarketingProfs and the content marketing institute, 87% of marketers are using email newsletter as a way to distribute their content- or focusing on the “news” part of the newsletter. However, very few are leveraging newsletters as an opportunity to directly connect with their consumer. Focusing on the “letter” part of the newsletter will change the way we communicate to our customers.” 

— Ann Handley, modern marketing guru and the Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs

#2: MarTech Can Save You Valuable Time

“Most marketers have so much on their plate that they don't have time to build a proper strategy or to analyze their performance. Leveraging marketing technology effectively can save time for marketers to do things that really matter.”

— Brandi Starr, Chief Operating Officer of Tegrita Consulting Group

#3: Add Details Gleamed from Performance Results to Your Insights

When measuring your digital marketing performance, add more clarity to your measurement by adding details to your insights. For example, if your conversion went way down, ask and answer among which audiences? Was this among all your conversion points, or just a few? Or what time? Was it a gradual decline or just a momentary blip? Answering these questions can provide much more clarity to your measurement and your insights.”

— Chris Sietsema of Teach to Fish Digital

#4: Make a Case for Your Idea

Want to get your idea to stand out powerfully? Focus on what people need to hear rather than what to say. You need to build your audience’s case for your idea, which not only helps your idea stand out but makes it so your audience is more likely to act upon your idea.”

— Tamsen Webster, 20 years’ experience in marketing, 13 years at Weight Watchers, and 4 years as TEDx Executive producer

#5: Optimize Content for Trust as well as SEO

According to research from Demand Gen report, 95% of B2B buyers prefer credible content from industry influencers, but most influencer marketing programs don't factor in SEO. This disconnect is an opportunity. He recommends that just as we use SEO to find the right keywords for better search performance and to also use those keywords to find the right kinds of influencers to collaborate with and create content so you're optimizing for trust as well.”

— Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing

#6: Repurpose Your Content

Build just one piece of content but make that the very best content for that topic on the internet. Then focus on making it evergreen. Repurpose that content in different formats to drive leads from various channels.”

— Gini Dietrich, founder and author of Spin Sucks

#7: Don’t Pander to Social Movements

Be careful of pandering to social movements. If your company doesn’t actually support the movements in its policies, it should not be misleading anyone by pandering to it . Your informed customers can see right through your marketing ploy, and what you might think is clever marketing is actually exploitation. This can threaten both the movements that your brand wants to alight itself with, as well as your brand’s reputation.”

— Katie Martell

#8: Relationships Matter More Than Transactions

People in the sales and marketing world put far too much emphasis on transactions, but it’s not about the transactions. It's about the relationship. So, in 2020, go to market differently. Prospect and nurture more effectively by being relationship focused. If you’re successful in building relationships, the transactions will take care of themselves.”

— Tom Martin, president and founder of Converse Digital

#9: Liven up Your Content

Does your marketing smile?” Now you may ask, how can marketing smile? Too often in B2B marketing, our content can get static, boring, and might be written too formally. Our prospects and your audience can tell if you're actually enjoying what you're saying. Challenge yourself this year to create content with a little humor and personality.”

— Matt Heinz, B2B marketing and sales guru.

#10: Word of Mouth Is Important

“Dark social sounds ominous, but it just refers to web traffic that’s not attributed to a known source because it is missing a referral tag/ tracking code. So where is this traffic coming from? It is mostly when people share content through private channels such as instant messaging, email, or native mobile apps. Having dark social means you have some serious word-of-mouth going and it should be an important part of your marketing strategy.”

— Anthony Helmstetter, a digital marketing expert and an analyst with Convince & Convert


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