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Making Web Design Easier With Duda

Making Web Design Easier With Duda written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Itai Sadan

iati-sadamIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Itai Sadan. Iati is the Co-founder and CEO of Duda – a website development platform used by thousands of agencies around the world to build sites for their customers.

Key Takeaway:

Duda started out with a simple idea and goal — to help small businesses boost their traffic with better mobile websites. But as they expanded their focus to responsive web design, they were able to grow into the all-in-one platform they are now.

Today, Duda serves thousands of agencies and has partnered with some of the biggest players in the industry. In this episode, I talk with founder Itai Sadan about the future of Duda and important web design concepts.

Questions I Ask Itai Sadan

  • [0:52] Can you tell me about the name of your company and what inspired it?
  • [5:14] What sets do to apart from that sort of sea of potential website builders?
  • [7:30] If someone is comparing in terms of just apples to apples for the Duda platform itself and its competitors, are there hallmarks of Duda that you think help it stand out?
  • [9:57] Is there an element of Dudas platform that has some of that extendability similarly to how WordPress is open source and allows people to develop around it?
  • [11:33] What are the current trends you are seeing a lot of when it comes to design in some of the newer sites that your agencies are building?
  • [15:59] Are you starting to attract pure ecommerce plays away from the bigger players like Squarespace?
  • [16:54] Course building is another thing that has been growing for many years — is that an area you’re focusing on as well?
  • [18:06] What categorically would you tell somebody you’re working on at Duda?
  • [19:12] If a small business came to you or that was listening to this, is that somebody that you would serve, or would you send them actually on to one of your agency partners?

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