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Mentionlytics Review

Mentionlytics is an intuitive social media monitoring tool that lets you keep track of brand and product mentions across web and social media sources—even when you aren’t tagged.

It’s the go-to solution for agencies, individuals, and businesses, regardless of their size, wanting to listen, analyze, and report every social mention about their brand and/or competitors.

When compared to other social media monitoring tools, Mentionlytics provides better analytics, smarter insights, and simplified suggestions that help personalize brand management.

Although its UX panel and keyword research could be more streamlined, they aren’t a deal-breaker. Plus, you can always contact its highly efficient and prompt customer service for help if you ever face difficulty when using the tool.

Mentionlytics Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent tool for everyday brand mentions tracking
  • Excellent reporting capabilities
  • Offers customized email alerts and reports
  • AI-powered “Social Intelligence Advisor” feature delivers data-driven advice and insights
  • Highly efficient customer support


  • Slightly overwhelming UX
  • Mobile app doesn’t offer the same capabilities as the desktop version 
  • Keyboard research can be more streamlined

Mentionlytics Features

Mentionlytics has several excellent offerings designed to help you grow your brand reputation, access mention insights, and find influencers and sales leads. Read on as we outline some of its more prominent features to help you understand the solution better.

Media Monitoring

Mentionlytics’ new media monitoring capabilities allow you to collect new stories from millions of sources from any demographic. Its automated news clipping service stores the mentions in images, making it easier for you to access it anytime and from anywhere.

What’s more, Mentionlytics has an excellent range of social media monitoring tools that can help you uncover social media posts mentioning your brand and products. All the brand mentions are then analyzed with advanced machine learning algorithms to extract relevant information.

Mentionlytics’ media monitoring facility covers the following:

  • Competition monitoring
  • Online reputation management
  • Content generation ideas
  • Online crisis management
  • Influencer identification
  • Social media management
  • Social media insights 

For more context, Mentionlytics lets you monitor your competitors’ brand names and keep an eye on their activities. You can also use the tool to find suitable influencers to amplify your audience’s reach.

An interesting feature here is you get to see the emotion and sentiment information for every mention. You can observe the general public sentiment—positive and negative—for, say, a recently launched product, making it easier for you to identify issues you need to address. 

However, there are some errors with this analysis because all the displayed information isn’t always accurate.

Social Intelligence Advisor

Mentionlytics’ Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) is a personalized AI brand analyst and consultant designed to bridge the gap between data and insights. 

You can use the tool to improve your web and social presence, as well as discover time- and effort-saving methods to make your monitoring life easier. SIA has four main features, or rather phases:

  • AI Analysis: SIA uses intelligent algorithms to analyze your brand mentions and gain insights from all the collected data.
  • Insights: SIA presents the discovered insights in a simple, easy-to-understand manner so it’s legible to anyone going through it.
  • Advice: Mentionlytics’ highly experienced team will then give you extensive advice on how to take action based on the insights.
  • Reassess: SIA continuously reassesses your online activity performance to provide you with reliable suggestions to improve your social strategy.

Essentially, SIA collects and analyzes data, and then based on the insights, it determines optimal solutions for your brand to ensure better outcomes.

You can use the tool to understand web and social mentions in terms of engagement, reach, and sentiment. It also helps identify your brand’s biggest fans and ambassadors, as well as trolls that say bad things about your brand (an excellent way to identify and resolve your weak points).

Besides this, SIA’s competitor and industry insights make you more competitive, increase your market share, and boost your brand‘s awareness. For instance, you can use the tool to identify popular sites your competitors appear at and figure out how to appear there as well. 

Its virality detection is another incredible feature. It lets you spot a crisis and take appropriate actions before it’s too late and helps detect a viral event to allow you to make the most of the opportunity to communicate with your target audience.

SIA is undoubtedly a great unique tool from Mentionlytics to discover patterns and knowledge from your mention data. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the software’s more premium plans, so you’ll have to shell out more money to use it.

Social Media Report Builder (Customizable Reports)

Social Media Report Builder is Mentionlytics’ freshest take on data depiction.

It’s a recently launched feature that comes with personalized functionalities to help you create beautiful and customized monitoring reports with clear, actionable insights. You can use the feature to prepare three types of standard reports:

  • Top Mentions Report: This report presents the top mentions related to your company—hashtags, brand names, keywords—across all social media platforms. It also analyzes their sentiments to derive accurate insights.
  • Share of Voice Report: This report creates a comparison between your brand and your rivals based on the targeted keywords, online presence, share of sentiments, and demographics from where your competitors get the most mentions.
  • Influencers Report: This report helps you evaluate campaign results involving influencers, using your keywords, product, or brand name at different channels on selected dates. It also detects mention location and languages.

After collecting all the data from the reports, Mentionlytics highlight parts that truly matter. But before you do that, you have to select relevant metrics and KPIs after which the software will present a clear viewpoint of your marketing efforts.

What’s more, the drag-and-drop interface makes it super easy to create reports. You can personalize and white-label them by creating your own titles, labels, and text, and adding your brand colors and company logo.

Mentionlytics’ Social Media Report Builder feature has received a lot of praise from users. They like how good the reports look and that they can directly send them to the clients in a PDF format.

Social Media Scheduling

The idea behind offering Social Media Scheduling and Publishing was to make Mentionlytics one of the most complete social media management platforms on the market when used with the Media Monitoring feature.

This combination makes the software even more robust to manage your brand’s online presence without using any other tool—be it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also switch between different accounts or using multiple accounts at once to post at the same time.

You can create content, upload images, and play around with emojis and short URLs—whatever you want. 

The Social Media Scheduling feature takes care of the following three processes:

  • Content Publishing: Publish content on all your social media accounts on multiple platforms or schedule them for later.
  • Content Monitoring: Monitor how your posts are performing when compared to your competitors.
  • Content Advice: Get actionable advice to optimize your social media presence, using the SIA tool.

Once you’re satisfied with how the post looks, you can schedule it, save it as a draft, or publish it. This makes it easier to manage your content calendar. After that, you can use Mentionlytics to monitor and analyze content performance. 

Mentionlytics Pricing and Package Options

Currently, Mentionlytics offer four pricing tiers:

  • Essential – $99 per month
  • Advanced – $199 per month
  • Pro – $299 per month
  • Agency – $450+ per month

Note: The above prices are a monthly breakdown. The prices will reduce if you opt for the yearly payment plan.

Admittedly, the software has a steeper price point when compared to its rivals, but it’s still worth giving a shot. Each of these subscription plans has been carefully designed to meet specific requirements of different brand sizes. 

For instance, the Essential plan is an ideal choice for small- to medium-sized brands and covers 10 keyboard rules, 30k monthly mentions, 20 social profiles, and can support up to 10 users.

On the other hand, Mentionlytics’ best-selling Pro plan is a better match for medium- to large-sized brands and hence, offers 25K keyword rules, 100k monthly mentions, 40 social profiles, and can support unlimited users. 

Agencies can opt for the Agency plan to meet their larger needs to monitor their clients’ brand mentions and improve their social presence.

While all the four subscription plans offer sentiment analysis, Boolean mention search, live chat assistant, and PDF/Excel export, the more advanced features like SIA, customized reporting, and custom tags are only available for the Advanced, Pro, and Agency plans.

As for integrations, Mentionlytics currently supports Slack, Hootsuite, API, and Google Data Studio. Keep in mind that API and Google Data Studio are only available for Pro and Agency plan users at the moment.

The good news is there’s a 14-day free trial available. You can test-drive Mentionlytics’ features without having to submit your credit card information.

Mentionlytics Reputation 

Mentionlytics enjoys favorable reviews on major software review websites. It’s got a 4.9 out of 5 stars on both Capterra and G2, whereas GetApp users have given it full 5 stars.

Mentionlystics is a reliable tool that scans the web and social sources to identify and analyze your brand mentions. You can use this information to understand your brand’s strong points and weak points, as well as learn quality feedback to help improve any gaps.

Most users are fans of the software’s SIA advisor. They find the tool’s predictions interesting and actually effective in helping them improve and enhance their marketing strategies. Others like how user-friendly and convenient the tool is, allowing them to check all of their brand mentions right away and gain a clearer perspective of their market exploitation endeavors.

However, there’s certainly scope for improvement.

Mentionlytics should work on making the user interface less overwhelming and more streamlined. Grouping all tabs in one dashboard can make it difficult for some to keep up with the information overload. 

Loading mentions takes time, so improving speed is another aspect that users feel can be improved.

Nevertheless, the benefits outnumber the shortcomings by a large margin. Mentionlytics is definitely worth a try for all businesses wanting to master social media monitoring and optimize their online presence.


To conclude, Mentionlytics IS Quick Sprout-approved

The tool changes the way you monitor your brand across all web and social media sources. It allows you to track mentions about your brand, industry, products, competitors, and influencers in real-time—all the while giving you actionable insights and personalized recommendations after collecting and analyzing complex data to take your brand to the next level.

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