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The Less Is Almost Always More Content Strategy

The Less Is Almost Always More Content Strategy written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Kate Cooper

kate-cooperIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Kate Cooper. Kate is the content strategist at Homeward, a new kind of home finance company. She is a plain language advocate who believes in a less-is-almost-always more approach to content. She started writing for a living in college and joined Homeward in 2020. In the space between, she was a magazine editor, a content consultant for a tech consultancy, and started her own content agency, Language Arts.

Key Takeaway:

You don’t need more content — you need better content. In this episode, Kate Cooper talks about her less is almost always more approach to content, how different components of copywriting and content creation can work together cohesively, and how to think about content as stages that align with the customer journey.

Questions I ask Kate Cooper:

  • [2:06] What’s your philosophy on the content that you put in your newsletter, your Friday Five?
  • [5:20] I hear a lot of content producers talk about the differences between content and copywriting. Do you have an opinion on the difference and how you describe those?
  • [7:16] How do content design, web design, and SEO work together in the world we live in today?
  • [9:46] I read a statistic recently that said 92% of people visit a website for the first time, for reasons other than making a purchase or even engaging with the businesses there. What does a statistic like that suggest to you that particularly about our homepage, the journey of our home page, or what the jobs of our homepage need to be now?
  • [13:01] So if you were advising somebody on the About us page and the Contact us page – what I would call very important, significant pages – what do those pages need to accomplish?
  • [17:32] How do you think about stages of the customer journey as it relates to content?
  • [20:25] Where can more people find out about your work?

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