Wednesday, April 6, 2022

7 Steps To Building Your Own Givers Community 

7 Steps To Building Your Own Givers Community  written by Sara Nay read more at Duct Tape Marketing

About the show:

The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nay, is a collection of short-form interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode focuses on a single topic with actionable insights you can apply today. Check out the new Spark Lab Consulting website here!

About this episode:

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sara talks with EA Csolkovits on 7 steps to building your own Givers community.

EA is an entrepreneur, business consultant, writer, and founder of GIVERS University. EA started working at the age of 16 as a janitor which led him to meet his first mentor, Sam Robbins. At age 21, EA became the chairman of House of Holland Jewelers and then at age 23 he became a millionaire. He started and operated Columbia Nutrition System and Delta International, hosted a business radio talk show (E. A. Csolkovits Live) for many years, and is a high-end, results-oriented business consultant.


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