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Best Online Reputation Monitoring Tools

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best online reputation monitoring tool for most people is WebiMax or Mention.

Manually tracking what people are saying about your business online is unrealistic at scale. There are just too many platforms, websites, media outlets, and social channels to monitor in real-time. 

Online reputation monitoring tools gather brand mentions, reviews, and customer sentiment from multiple sources so you can see everything in a single dashboard and get real-time alerts.

The Top 6 Best Online Reputation Monitoring Tools

  • WebiMax— Best for monitoring and managing customer reviews
  • Mention — Best for holistic brand monitoring
  • SentiOne — Best for social media listening
  • — Best for monitoring  your personal reputation online
  • Reputology — Best for multi-location businesses
  • Meltwater — Best for media monitoring and PR

After extensive research and testing, we narrowed down the top six online reputation management tools that we can recommend with confidence. The reviews below will help you find the best option for your business and goals.

#1 – WebiMax — Best For Monitoring and Managing Customer Reviews

  • Review collection dashboard
  • Delete negative reviews
  • Repair brand image
  • Expert guidance and assistance
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WebiMax is more than just an online reputation monitoring tool. They’re a full-service reputation management company. For more than a decade, they’ve been helping businesses build, maintain, and repair brand images across multiple industries.

One of my favorite parts of WebiMax is the review collection dashboard. This is the easiest way to monitor all of your customer reviews from every platform in a single source of information.

Webimax Homepage

WebiMax’s client portal also offers dashboards for social monitoring, local listings, and campaign reporting. 

What really makes this company stand out from the crowd is its other services that go beyond dashboards and reporting. WebiMax’s reputation management services include claiming unclaimed business profiles, promoting positive content, and deleting negative content.

After consulting with the reputation management experts at WebiMax, you’ll receive a realistic timeframe with actionable steps to achieve your business goals. That’s one of the many reasons why WebiMax boasts a 97% client retention rate.

This is an excellent option for any business that wants to take control of their reviews and eliminate negative content on the web.

To get started, fill out a form to request your free quote and proposal. 

#2 – Mention — Best For Holistic Brand Monitoring

  • Social media monitoring
  • Customer review monitoring
  • News, forum, and blog monitoring
  • Competitive analysis
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With more than 750,000+ marketers using this platform, Mention is one of the most popular online reputation monitoring tools on the web. 

What makes Mention unique is its versatility. Unlike other tools on the market that just focus on one or two platforms, Mention monitors more than a billion sources on the web each day. homepage

As a result, you’ll get reports and alerts across social media platforms, review websites, online forums, blogs, news outlets, and more. With Mention, you can easily make sense of complex data by filtering and analyzing your reports based on your goals.

This tool even supports online media monitoring and competitive analysis, which isn’t something you’ll see from many other solutions in this category. 

From solo entrepreneurs to small businesses and large companies, Mention has a plan for everyone. Here’s a quick overview of the packages and pricing:

  • Solo — $29 per month. Includes two alerts, 5,000 mentions, and five social accounts for a single user.
  • Pro — $99 per month. Includes five alerts, 10,000 mentions, and ten social accounts for unlimited users.
  • ProPlus — $199 per month. Includes seven alerts, standard alerts, 20,000 mentions, and 15 social accounts. 
  • Company — Custom pricing. Includes advanced alerts, 100,000+ mentions, unlimited social accounts, and every monitored network.

Try any Mention for free with a 14-day trial—no credit card required. 

#3 – SentiOne — Best For Social Media Listening

  • Identify social influencers
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Real-time alerts
  • Historical data access
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SentiOne offers one of the most advanced social media listening solutions on the market today. For organizations with a large social presence across multiple platforms, this tool should definitely be high on your radar.

Rather than just listing social mentions, SentiOne provides unique insights to help you learn how your brand is perceived online. This allows you to make actionable marketing decisions and identify the needs of your audience. 

SentiOne homepage

You can also use SentiOne to identify potential influencer partners, gain information on your competitors, get in-depth audience insights, and discover emerging trends in the market. 

SentiOne supports unlimited keywords segmented by brand, campaign, purchase intent phrase, and more. So you’re only getting data that’s actually relevant to your goals. 

The platform uses AI technology to help you avoid potential social media disasters with anomaly detection and real-time alerts. 

SentiOne’s social listening and analytics plan starts at $299 per month. This package supports up to five projects, five users, and 12 months of historical data. There’s also an enterprise plan with unlimited everything and 36 months of historical data. 

There’s no “official” free trial offered. But SentiOne says you can reach out to them if you want to test it out, and they’ll set up an account for you.

#4 – — Best For Monitoring Your Personal Reputation Online

  • Content removal and suppression
  • DIY reputation dashboard
  • Reputation repair
  • Hide personal info online
Get a free consultation is a bit unique compared to the other tools on our list. While it can definitely be used by businesses, this solution is much better suited for individuals that want to focus on personal branding. 

Whether you want to monitor, protect, improve, or repair your personal reputation online, has you covered. homepage

This is a great option for people who want to clean up their personal image before applying for a job. It’s also a great solution for entrepreneurs and business owners who might get Googled by potential customers.

Your journey with starts with a reputation analysis. This will give you a better understanding of your current online reputation and how you can manage it. has a DIY reputation dashboard that lets you consolidate, manage, and monitor everything from a single location. 

They also offer a wide range of services for things like online public relations, mugshot removal, review removal, content removal, and more. So if there are negative articles or stories about you published online, can help you eliminate or suppress them. They’ll even help you remove any personal information from public listings. 

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#5 – Reputology — Best For Multi-Location Businesses

  • Manage reviews at scale
  • Reporting for each location
  • Custom alerts
  • Automated feedback collection
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Reputology makes it easy for multi-location organizations and chains to monitor their reviews and reputation at scale. It’s trusted by healthcare companies, hotel chains, auto groups, property management companies, and more.

Well-established brand names like Ashley Homestore and Gold’s Gym with hundreds of locations throughout the US rely on Reputology for reputation monitoring. 

reputology homepage

Organizations use Reputology’s solutions for removing negative reviews, responding to customer reviews, and improving star ratings on review sites. They specialize in review management at scale, which is crucial for multi-location businesses.

Reputology offers a single dashboard to monitor local directories for all of your locations. They also provide custom email alerts, automated feedback collection, and analytics by regional and storefront levels.

Here’s a quick overview of the Reputology plans and pricing:

  • Single Location — $29-$49 per month. Includes daily review monitoring, email alerts, and reporting.
  • Multi-Location — $10-$49 per month per location. Includes custom alerts, unlimited users, NPS module, and a dedicated account manager.
  • Agencies — $10-$49 per month per location. Includes a branded white-label platform, SSO, and client management center.

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#6 – Meltwater — Best For Media Monitoring and PR

  • Monitor global news sources
  • TV, radio, and podcast monitoring
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Print media monitoring
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Meltwater has been providing media relations and brand management solutions for more than 20+ years. They’re trusted by 27,000+ customers in 125 countries worldwide.  

What’s unique about Meltwater is media monitoring services, which isn’t always something you’ll see from other solutions in this category. homepage

They offer options for TV and radio monitoring, print media monitoring, podcast monitoring, and social media monitoring. Meltwater scans over 270,000+ news sources across the globe.

Meltwater provides businesses with a comprehensive media analysis with a heavy focus on PR and communications. You can use this information to create shareable dashboards for stakeholders, benchmark your performance against competitors, and create custom scoring capabilities based on your goals. 

Use Meltwater to monitor unlimited keywords, get real-time alerts, and consolidate all of your media monitoring into a single platform. You can even use Meltwater as a way to monitor trends in your industry to better serve your audience’s needs. 

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How to Find the Best Online Reputation Monitoring Tools For You

All online reputation monitoring tools offer the same core function. They scan the web, find out what’s being said about your brand, and provide the results.

But that doesn’t mean each tool is interchangeable or created equally. The best online reputation monitoring solution for your business should be based on your goals, business size, and other unique factors.

Use the criteria below to help you narrow down your options. This will make it much easier for you to make an educated and informed buying decision. 

Sources and Platforms Monitored

The first thing you need to find out is where the tool is pulling information from. Some tools strictly scan social media platforms. Others specialize in web monitoring, customer reviews, and public relations.

Small and local businesses tend to prioritize tools for customer reviews, as this has the largest impact on your reputation in local markets. Larger companies, chains, and multi-location businesses usually lean towards tools with a more holistic view from multiple sources.

Some tools on our list offer different packages and pricing tiers if you want to add on additional sources. So you can start with social media, and always upgrade your plan to monitor media sources like news outlets, forums, and blogs.

Simplified Reporting

Gathering brand mentions is just one small aspect of online reputation monitoring. The best tools put that information into easily digestible reports. 

All of that information is useless if you can’t make sense of it. A long list of every tweet or Facebook post that mentions your brand doesn’t really give you any actionable sense of what you should be doing.

Try to get a free analysis or demo from any tool you’re considering. While these freebies won’t always be the most insightful, they should give you a good understanding of what your reporting will look like if you sign up for a paid service. 

Online Reputation Management Services

Many online reputation monitoring tools just provide you with information. But it’s on you to take the next step.

A handful of software providers also offer online reputation management services. These go above and beyond the reports—offering actionable resources to improve your online reputation.

For example, some solutions help you get more reviews or remove negative reviews. Others can help you find and claim any unclaimed business profiles on the web. 

These are the types of services you should be looking for if you want to take your online reputation monitoring to the next level. You can pass certain tasks off to the experts and let them handle everything on your behalf. 

Alerts and Historical Data

Alerts can be a great way to timely respond to brand mentions. But depending on the size of your organization, some alerting tools can be a nuisance. So you want to make sure that these are fully customizable based on your needs and goals.

Take a company like Apple as an example. Imagine if someone in that organization got an alert every time the word “Apple” was mentioned on the web. That type of alert would do more harm than good.

But if you can set up those alerts to something more specific, like negative reviews on Yelp and Google, then it’s easier to manage and act appropriately. 

In addition to real-time alerts, historical data about your brand monitoring can be really useful. You can use historical data to see customer sentiment related to certain promotions or campaigns you ran over time. Then you can determine whether or not to run similar ones moving forward.

Building vs. Repairing vs. Maintaining Online Reputation

Why are you looking for online reputation monitoring services?

Most of us either want to build, repair, or maintain online reputations. Each of these answers usually dictates a different tool. 

Maintenance typically just requires weekly or monthly reports. But brand building and reputation repair both require a bit more hands-on work. These are both prime examples of when you’d want a tool that offers customizable real-time alerts. 

Newer companies that need to build a strong reputation would likely need a service that helps them get more reviews and promote positive reviews. While a brand or individual that wants to repair an online image would need assistance removing negative content and other information from the web.  

The Top Online Reputation Monitoring Tools in Summary

The best online reputation monitoring tools make it easy for businesses to track brand mentions and monitor reviews. Some solutions offer premium services for content deletion, PR management, custom alerts, and more.

WebiMax and Mention are the best options for most people. But whether you want to maintain your existing reputation, repair a damaged reputation, or build your brand image from scratch, the tools in this guide have you covered. 

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